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Airway Orthotics

Oral Appliances

After establishing your optimal breathing position, Dr. Koeppel will custom fit you with an oral appliance. An oral appliance looks like an athletic mouth guard, but much more comfortable and much less bulky.

Using the Eccovision, Dr. Koeppel can place the oral appliance correctly, allowing for maximum airway capacity. The oral appliance gently holds your jaw in the right position to maintain proper airway flow as you sleep. Successful treatment is achieved by simply wearing the oral appliance at night.

Safety - Comfort - Convenience

Oral appliances are safe, comfortable and very convenient. They are extremely effective in treating most forms of sleep apnea.

The American Sleep Disorders Association, at their annual meeting, adopted a resolution recommending appliance therapy for the treatment, not only for snoring and mild sleep apnea, but also extended their recommendations to include treatment for moderate and severe cases of sleep apnea when the snorer rejects or can’t comply with the continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) device.

Based on the diagnostic data obtained, Dr. Koeppel will select the right oral appliance that best addresses the characteristics of your breathing disorder (there is no single appliance that is effective for all patients).

It is important that you treat your sleep disordered breathing problem as soon as possible. There is a large variety of oral appliances to suit anyone’s needs.

Don't wait any longer for a (quiet) great night's sleep. Your road to a healthier you.

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