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Oral Appliances

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While most people visit our office to assure that they have healthy teeth and gums, other folks make critical appointments to assist in the treatment of their Sleep Apnea.

A potentially deadly disease, Sleep Apnea can be controlled through the application of a well fitting and maintained oral appliance. Not only do mouth guard like devices control the causes of Sleep Apnea but they also assure a restful night of sleep for both you and your sleep partner. Many people are aware of the CPAP or Positive Airway Pressure machine and mask that are used by many Sleep Apnea sufferers. A well made and maintained oral appliance is an excellent and proven alternative to the CPAP.

Oral appliance therapy consists of simply using a mouth guard comparable device during periods of sleep. The purpose is to assist in maintaining an open and unobstructed airway that supports the jaw by moving it into a forward position. For those Sleep Apnea patients who frequently travel or don’t want the burden of a bulky CPAP machine to disturb them or their sleep partner, an oral appliance is an excellent choice. The benefits of oral appliance therapy are numerous:

Sleeping with a CPAP machine and bulky mask can be difficult. Patients often like oral appliances because they are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. This is especially favourable for those who change positions during sleep or snuggle with their bed partner. An oral appliance can ease the fear and trepidations of those who may feel uncomfortable by wearing a mask over their face attached to an electrical motor all night.

A CPAP machine may put an end to your snoring, but the sound of a running motor throughout the entire night might not help you or your bed partner sleep more soundly. For those who frequently vacation or travel on business, a bulky CPAP machine might not be a viable treatment option. A compact and lightweight oral appliance can be taken and used during the night anywhere. It is very easy to care for an oral appliance. Just by using a toothbrush and cleaning with mild soap will keep an oral appliance germ-free.

While many people may look at an oral appliance as a lesser alternative to a CPAP machine, nothing could be further from the truth. Research continues to show that oral appliance therapy is an effective alternative to CPAP. While dentists have the capability to make, fit and maintain an oral Sleep Apnea appliance, only Dental Sleep Medicine specialists have the knowledge, expertise and continuing education to provide the best devices and follow-up treatment for Sleep Apnea and snoring disorders.

I am a dedicated member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and subscribe to their stringent codes, ethics and practices.

I invite you to visit my office for a consultation. I will discuss the causes and treatments of Sleep Apnea and recommend a physician who can do the tests needed to diagnose the disease. When you return to the office, we will build a custom-fit device to erase the symptoms you have been suffering with. You many be pleasantly surprised to find that many medical insurance plans including Medicare cover oral appliances.

Please visit me to discuss your symptoms and pave the way to safe, symptom-free sleep, we are always available for Free Consultations call us today at 631.689.1800, or ask the sleep apnea dentist a question